The evolution of robotics has created an opportunity to explore and expand on this field of technology, in order to reach a more holistic solution for our world’s problems. For so many years we have worked to create technology that can effectively address the issues faced by humanity today. One area which I feel is particularly important is that of automation. In a matter of hours, autonomous vehicles have replaced manual traffic managers on our roads. Over the last year, there has been a great increase in self-driving cars, not only increasing convenience but also giving us new insights into how our environment would be different if they were to follow their own commands. As robots are able to move much faster than any individual could dream of, it also gives them the ability to tackle more complex tasks. Robotic devices are now used in various industries such as automotive, home security, healthcare, construction, and military, among others. There is no industry that has not had at least one major impact by using a robot, with some even creating entire jobs based upon being automated. This does not only change the scope of work that humans are involved in, but also that of the people who do the same. People have felt the loss of certain skills in their job due to automation, whether it be in healthcare or industrial production. According to a survey conducted by Gallup, the top five most common occupations that have experienced an increase in the number of labor, due to its ability to automate or remove human employees were

(1) food service and distribution, (2) agriculture and fishing, (3) transportation and logistics, (4) manufacturing and processing, (5) public works. (Source). With these changes, I believe there would be three main factors why robots should be incorporated into society: 1. To save time; 2. To make our lives easier; 3. To eliminate unemployment. Robots are already replacing many workers in factories in addition to those employed in other fields of study. While it may seem like there is a good reason to use robots for the sake of increasing efficiency, there is actually an increased risk that this will lead to a decline in wages for workers. Furthermore, recent reports show a rise in “labor exploitation” due to low wages and excessive overtime. A 2014 report from McKinsey & Company states that almost half of all employers surveyed, indicated some form of mistreatment of workers; while in 2019 almost 60% of businesses reported seeing some sort of mistreatment. What’s worse is that a survey from 2018 found that nearly half of Americans, cited gender discrimination, sexual harassment and favoritism as the leading causes for noncompliance. It seems as though automation will eventually affect every industry in this country. This can be very scary for the average worker. Even if there are safeguards in place, what happens if something goes wrong? Many people suffer in silence from the lack of trust they feel towards automation and the way it treats their colleagues; in my opinion, the current state of artificial intelligence is the worst thing that could happen to society. Although automation is currently changing the face of the job landscape, it should be noted that this does not mean that human jobs will completely disappear; instead, we need to rethink our approach to education and employment.

In conclusion, I want to reiterate what I said to you earlier; robotic robots have changed our world in more ways than one. Machines have contributed to reducing costs; as well as freeing up workforces. They are taking over the production line; however, they are also affecting the quality of life for everyone. If the world has become accustomed to working in a white-collar office where people have their lives controlled by computers, it’s likely that once again we will see a shift toward more flexible careers rather than the type of job that was taught in school and our parents have always wanted to do. Not only will this affect your job but also your health. When the body responds perfectly to mechanical demands, then that reaction cannot be sustained, and our bodies fall apart. We shouldn’t wait until robots start doing everything on our behalf, because as someone who knows about the future, we know that’s not going to be possible. All that being said, I want to thank everyone for reading, and hearing me out.

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