The tennis court is my next favorite place and a must for anyone that loves the sport. I am lucky to live in one of the safest places on Earth from COVID19. There are no masks in the school, everyone else has had them on since March. It is almost as if we think this virus is just over the top but it isn’t. If you get it it you get it right away.

I can honestly say that I have lived with Covid19 for nearly 4 months now. While I was sick I couldn’t take it anymore and did what I usually do once the symptoms leave my body. I slept on the couch and ate ice cream or whatever the kids would eat for lunch while they watched TV. That was fine when the weather wasn’t too nice and it felt like there was always something better out of the air so no one would be tempted to come in the house. But when the temperature started to drop the first thing I did was go to a room by the lake. There I stayed until Spring came back around last week and it became even worse. Even though it seemed like things might be getting better people weren’t really taking advantage of the fact.

During this time I didn’t see any family members that I grew closer with, they all went somewhere else for Easter break. When the temperature cooled off they brought us inside so I could spend some quality time alone with only myself on the sofa. This worked until about mid-March when everything began to slow down again. Then they gave me the green light for some more freedom and I was able to move all the way up north to Lake Worth which had it all sorted for me.

That didn’t help much I mean most people were staying put and not coming into town. They either went to their new homes close by or they wanted to stay close to their families because it wasn’t safe to travel. My advice to those who want to leave the city is to book a hotel in St. Croke Park. You have nothing to lose by moving out here and the owners love having guests even if they aren’t in NYC. After living in an apartment for years, I never believed that anything outside of New York City is going to let me enjoy the same luxuries I do in NYC.

If you’re looking for a rental apartment and staying here you can check out these apartments below. Each apartment has its own rules to follow so make sure that you learn it all before you rent. For example, one thing I learned for every two weeks I can turn on the coffee maker and order takeaway to keep my caffeine intake steady. To make myself feel like I’m ready to go I turn on a few key essentials like extra laundry detergent, canned items, and paper products. Since then I have been happy to have a fully stocked kitchen pantry no matter what happens in our world now.

There’s also this little park, St. Croke Park with a playground, walking trails, benches, and lots of lawns. It’s really near where I live and I find walking every morning. A perfect workout for someone that doesn’t work out too often. And if you’re looking for a fun activity to get your mind off of quarantine, St. Croke Park is just waiting for you. Just head over there and begin your walk.

St. Croke Park is only minutes away. I am glad that I’m still around to see the sights and hopefully come home soon.

My biggest question about life is how many people know that I don’t work out as much as people thought I did. Most people seem well aware of my busy lifestyle but it’s not the case. With the exception of the occasional jog, when I get tired and need a rest I get a lot of exercise through walking, running, hiking, swimming, and biking in general. Sometimes I will even swim in the water but of course, I don’t swim in the hot summer weather like I usually do.

The best part is coming back home and being with my sister and brother while I continue fighting this deadly pandemic! What does she think of me working out right now? She thinks I’m cute. Well, I guess I’ll have to prove her wrong. Time will tell if this is just me going through a phase of feeling like I’m sick and having cold sweats. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m finally starting my second year of law school where I hope to start my first class of lawyers at Georgetown University with both of my sisters in tow. Or maybe I’ll stick with the long-run plan and practice for 20 hours a day instead of getting stuck in a gym workout regime. Whatever the reason it’s great I am grateful for finding peace wherever possible. That is the best thing about living.

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